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About Me - 

Hello, I'm Darien Breton, though I go by "Day." By day, I proudly serve in the US Army, but when the uniform comes off, I immerse myself in the world of entrepreneurship. Numbers are my passion, and the excitement of exponential growth captivates me completely.

This space is dedicated to sharing my journey as an entrepreneur and the successes that have marked this blessing of a path. Join me as I get into the intricacies of balancing military duty with a fervent love for business, exploring the dynamics of my dual life and the principles that drive my relentless pursuit of growth.

The Early Days -

It all began when I finally got my hands on my first phone around the age of 16. A bit late to the game, I admit, but that's where my journey took an unexpected turn. Just for the fun of it, I kickstarted my inaugural Instagram niche page, dedicated solely to dogs. I exclusively shared captivating dog videos that I found online, initially not anticipating much beyond casual enjoyment.

Little did I know, fate had a mentor waiting for me. A seasoned master in the realm of social media, he single-handedly managed 10 of the most viral dog pages on Instagram. His expertise became a guiding light for me. Applying his teachings, my humble page soon caught the wildfire of virality.

Fast forward to 2020, and I found myself on the leaderboard among the top 100 highest engagement rates worldwide. Riding on this wave of attention, my inbox became a growing hub of marketing deals from various companies. Seizing the opportunity, I got into running ads for these brands, making this the first real income I got from the online world.


Then There was TikTok -

Not long after realizing that social media algorithms share a common goal of keeping users engaged, each tailored to prolong app interaction, I decided to test the waters on TikTok. In 2020, just 30 days into my TikTok venture, I achieved a noteworthy milestone—I secured a spot among the top 100 most viral creators. With each post garnering a staggering 5-20 million views, twice a day, the potential impact was immense.

Imagine the worth of an advertisement reaching 20 million views—considerably significant, to say the least. This newfound platform became a lucrative avenue for me, particularly in promoting the music of prominent artists. Collaborating with names like Tyga, 24k golden, Yung Gravy, and other viral music creators on TikTok, I commanded fees ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 per post, twice daily. Needless it to say, the returns were substantial, and I found immense enjoyment in this advertising venture.

Then I Realized -

Then, a light bulb moment struck—why not channel this marketing prowess into selling my own products? This revelation dawned upon me when I stumbled upon the realms of dropshipping and private-labeling. With curiosity piqued, I decided to take the plunge.

Identifying prevalent trends of the moment, such as the surge in popularity of paper straws and heightened awareness of the environmental impact of plastic alternatives, I set my sights on drop-shipping reusable straws. Thus, StrawReef was born. Sourcing these eco-friendly straws from a supplier on AliExpress for $4, inclusive of free shipping, I strategically priced them at $19.99 on my website. The result? A profit margin of $15.99 per sale, all while leveraging the reach of my own social media accounts for free marketing—no ad spend necessary. With advertisements racking up millions of views, the sales of straws soared, culminating in my first $1,000 day in dropshipping.

As trends flow and crash, so did the heat for reusable straws. At that time, I lacked the know-how to perpetuate the momentum. Armed with the knowledge I had, I made the strategic decision to abandon ship gracefully. Seizing an opportunity, I accepted an offer to sell StrawReef, securing a deal that amounted to $15,000. A prudent move that marked the end of one venture and the beginning of new possibilities. From here on I created many other stores and tested the waters.

Another Great Idea Hit Me -

The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) was the epitome of the "get rich quick" allure that captivated everyone. It was a time when the real fortune was found in selling the tools, and those dealing in shovels often amassed the most wealth. Fast forward to the rise of drop-shipping, and a similar notion sparked in my mind—what if the key to substantial profit is in providing the essential tools for others to thrive?

Now, don't get me wrong; drop-shipping remains a highly lucrative venture. However, my focus shifted towards a different angle. I ventured into the realm of flipping online businesses, crafting and selling digital storefronts, and undertaking commission projects to build personalized online establishments. With a honed skill in graphic design and the art of constructing visually stunning and successful online stores, I cultivated a clientele that kept coming back for more. Surprisingly, some even bought stores from me just to turn around and sell them at a profit, and I couldn't help but appreciate the business acumen at play.


Now -

Armed with the skills I've cultivated over the years, I've ventured into funding substantial projects, including real estate investments and beyond. My current focus is on sharing this wealth of knowledge with aspiring and novice business owners, guiding them on the path to realizing their dreams. It's a fulfilling endeavor, and witnessing the accomplishments of both myself and my numerous students brings immense joy. Thank you for taking the time to read my journey.


Feel free to contact me at anytime!


Call or Text: (424) 404-4065